Maddox is 3!

Our sweet Maddox is 3 now! This sweet boy is full of love and energy! He loves people more than toys.  He loves his brothers, books, and to make us laugh! His nickname is still 'Sweet and Sour', which describes the 'Terrible Two/Middle Child … [Read more]

Mark is 6!

      Mark turned 6 years old last weekend and we had a LEGO PARTY! This was my first attempt at a 'friend' party. One were Mark invited a few friends over and we had a little bit of structured games, fun and party favors. Lucky … [Read more]

Matthew Benjamin Burnett

Meet our newest addition! Matthew Benjamin Burnett was born on January 8, 2013, at 7:40 pm coming in at 20 inches long, 8 lbs, 7 oz. Life has been so fun and full of adventures with 3 boys! So needless to say, pregnancy, the holidays, working, … [Read more]

Pumpkin Muffins!

A recent trip to Starbucks inspired me to make my mom's own Pumpkin Bar recipe. The lady at Starbucks said, 'Would you like to try a Pumpkin Creamcheese Muffin?' I was thinking.....sure....why not. What a better way to get in the spirit of … [Read more]

Maddox is TWO!

Our sweet Sunshine! Maddox is TWO years old!!! Time has flown by! We have had so much fun watching this little person grow! We don't know if this is just a cute stage or if Maddox just has a fun little personality. He is almost always happy and … [Read more]

Would you answer the door?

Life has been busy and besides Birthday posts, I have been absent on this blog. But something happened a few weekends ago and I feel compelled to share. In our house in Shelbyville, its almost our unwritten policy that we do not answer a knock at … [Read more]

Mark is 5!

WOW! My first born is 5 years old!!! Why does 5 seem so old to me? Good bye toddler/baby stage, hello big boy! Now that Mark is 5, I feel like it's time to start really doing stuff with him. Beyond our little house. Time to get out there and … [Read more]

20 Months Maddox

OH Dear Sweet 2nd Child! I am like all those other mother's out there. I have such good intentions and yet, things don't always get done like I would like. Pictures & Videos may not have been taken as much as your brother. Pictures may not be … [Read more]

Mark’s 1st Movie

Mark is over halfway to 5 years old and we are finally getting around to taking him to the movies! This past weekend was a perfect opportunity to go while in Murray. **The Lorax was a great movie. Not sure if Mark really got … [Read more]

Heaven is for Real

Have you ever read a book that you couldn't put down? Or as soon as your finished you wanted to tell all your friends to read it to?? Heaven for Real is that book for me. In a matter of hours I devored this book. 1st: Why did I even pick it … [Read more]