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Maddox is TWO!

Our sweet Sunshine! Maddox is TWO years old!!! Time has flown by! We have had so much fun watching this little person grow! We don’t know if this is just a cute stage or if Maddox just has a fun little personality.

He is almost always happy and full of life.

Super Maddox!

He loves his brother.

He is very physical. He always wants to be held, on your lap, giving hugs, high fives, pounds, etc. He has been known to bite (regardless if he is happy or mad!)

He is quick to forgive/apologize with a quick hug and he has moved on.

He is easy to distract.

He is very verbal and usually repeats the last thing you say. Examples:

  • Me: ‘Let’s go change your diaper, you’re a Stinky Boy’. Maddox: ‘Inky Boy!’.
  • Me:’ Time to put shoes on!’ Maddox: ‘Shoes on!’

He is very honest.

  • Me: ‘Maddox, did you bite Gina today? (his buddy from the office) Maddox: ‘Yes!’ with a big grin on his face.

‘Look!’ he was so excited to receive presents! He spotting the gift in the bag from a distance!

He likes to watch others go potty and he tells me when he has gone #2, but he doesn’t actually want to sit on the potty yet.  Potty Training is in our near future.

He loves books! He will read 5-10 books in a row. He wants to read the same ones over and over. Sometimes I will even find him in his room reading by himself.

Granddaddy is reading a coloring book to Maddox! Mark is trying to distract them from behind the chair.

He loves to sing songs! If he just sees a star, he starts singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ (or at least humming it). When he sees pictures of someone’s birthday party, he breaks out in ‘Happy Birthday’ to whomever is in the picture. When my parents called to sing Happy Birthday over the phone, Maddox started rocking back and forth to their serenade.

Happy Birthday Maddox!

He is a great sleeper. Goes to bed around 8:30pm and sleeps solid until 7:30-8 am. He will even sleep thru Mark’s bedtime shenanigans. (*they share a room) He also naps 2-3 hours everyday!

He is a sensitive guy. Doesn’t like the water splashing in his face. He doesn’t like loud noises (hair dryer and vacuum cleaner we can work thru) but forget the sirens and fireworks!

He is a mediocre eater. He will goes days with barely eating (but downs his milk!) but then a few days later he seems to make up for it. So I try not to worry about it too much. The doc says it’s fine, she said, ‘he is in the toddler grazing mode’.

Maddox is such a perfect member of our family. He makes us laugh, he challenges his brother in ways no one else can. He adds so much light to all of our lives! We love you Maddox!

The Burnett Family, Summer 2012


  1. YES! We love him and the entire Burnett family very much.

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