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Mark is 5!

WOW! My first born is 5 years old!!! Why does 5 seem so old to me? Good bye toddler/baby stage, hello big boy!

Now that Mark is 5, I feel like it’s time to start really doing stuff with him. Beyond our little house. Time to get out there and really start teaching him stuff! His personality and vocabulary is growing exponentially. I can tell I am really going to like 5!

All smiles with Cousins Ashton and Ellie!


A little about my sweet big boy:

#1. His sayings crack us up! I scramble to write things down as they come out of his mouth. So I sit here finally trying to record all of his sayings, I am looking for all the random receipts and napkins that I wrote them on.

‘I love stripes, all the day.’    Translation: I really like to wear striped shirts all the time.

‘Somebody falled me down.’   Translation: Someone tripped me and I fell down.

‘S-T-zero-P’ Spells Stop! *As he reads all of the stop signs.

‘I didn’t do something!’ Translation: I didn’t do anything to my brother.

Super Mark!

#2. He LOVES technology! Just like his Daddy, he wants to be on the computer, tv or iPod whenever we can. We seriously have to monitor his time.

#3. He LOVES his Daddy!  It’s like watching little ducks. Bernie walks thru the room, then Mark, then Maddox. Whatever Daddy is doing, Mark wants to be right there. Fixing things, playing tennis, cooking, whatever it is!

Mark insisted Daddy read this library book with him. So popcorn and a good book with Daddy it is!

#4. He still likes to snuggle in his towel after bathtime in Momma’s lap before we put on our PJs. I savor this moment, because I know it won’t be much longer that I don’t get to do this.

#5. Even though he thinks he is big, he still wants Mama to do everything for him. Put on shoes, dress him, put on his seat belt.  So I have been using the, ‘Now that your 5… you have to put your own seat belt. ‘Five year olds put their own shoes one.’ etc, etc. He can do all of these things by himself, he just wants me to. I realized I have been doing too much for him! (I guess that is a first born thing?)

#6. He LOVES the color blue. Everything needs to be blue in his world. Blue drinking cup, plate, spoon, forks, etc. Sometimes gets upset if the blue cup is dirty and he is forced to drink out of something else! I swear I didn’t make this diva behavior, he is trying to start it and I am trying to squash it. :)

#7. He LOVES to be outside. He wants to climb trees, unfortunately for him, there are only a few trees in our yard with branches that are low enough. He helps Daddy in the garden and loves to play in his sandbox. Since it has been so hot, I have had to force him inside more than I wish to.

Daddy has all the help he can handle while trimming this holly tree! Mark drug out this step stool from the garage all on his own so he can be just like Daddy!

#8. He is a good big brother! Mark and Maddox are starting to play more together. They have similar interests and somedays we have some meltdowns about sharing, but for the most part, Mark is very patient with this little brother.  They are even starting to wrestle a bit. Something I wasn’t expecting for a few more years. But again, Mark is very gentle with Maddox. I just love to hear them laugh and play together.

Mark and Maddox are playing outside with Mark's new 'TRex Takedown!' the favorite toy of the moment.

#9. He enjoys reading books and our trips to the library. We has starting to read a few sight words (the super easy ones in the those early reader books.)  He can write his name and anyone’s name if you write it down for him so he can copy it. He is at a fun stage of learning to read right now. He puts letters together (magnetic or foam) and says, ‘Whats that spell?’ So I try to explain it doesn’t spell anything, each letter has it’s own sound and you have to sound out the letters to make words, etc’.

Hmmm, what to wish for.....this sweet picture truly captures the childlike excitement and love for life. Oh what the future holds!!!!

#10. The most common question I get right now, ‘Is Mark going to Kindergarten next year?’ The answer no. He could, because he is 5 now, but he has proven to me that he is not ready. He has been late to hit most of milestones (he has a little language delayed and late to potty train).  I feel like we can set Mark up for success by waiting to start Kindergarten when is is 6. Next year he will be attending FBC’s 5 year old Preschool. 5 days  a week, 9am-12pm. I just know how great this preschool will be for him. We love our childcare arrangement now, but he knows Momma is just down the hall. But he is only around 2-3 kids his age and since he is the oldest, I think he thinks he rules the roost. So this new class will be away from Momma, with more of his peers and will be a nice transition from what we are doing now to Kindergarten next year.

We have so much fun helping Mark grow up into his own little man. He is smart, curious and creative. He surprises us everyday with the things he says and thinks of. I love to watch him discover this world one moment at a time. Every day is a new adventure! It will be a short moment in time that we have you during this sweet stage! I hope I soak up every minute. Mark is already starting to teach his brother new things and I LOVE to watch this relationship grow. God has blessed us in so many ways!


  1. Grandma says:

    I’m so glad you found (or made) the time to write this. Yes Mark is a wonderful boy, every time we see him it seems like he is learning new things in leaps and bounds.

  2. Shelby Boyd says:

    I LOVE hearing about Mark! and seeing the pictures. Of course, Maddox is precious too! ( Can’t believe he’s getting so big!) You and Matt are being GREAT parents. I’m so proud of all of you.
    Love the pic of Aston, Mark and Ellie. It reminded me of the drawing Dwight did of Matt, Ballard and Katie.
    Hope to see the boys next time I’m in S-ville

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