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Mark’s 1st Movie

Mark is over halfway to 5 years old and we are finally getting around to taking him to the movies!

This past weekend was a perfect opportunity to go while in Murray.

Cousin Abby, Ella and Mark walking into the good ol' Cheri Theater in Murray!

We definitely had to get some snacks. Mark loves popcorn almost as much as his Daddy! ps--the Kid's Pack is the way to go! Popcorn, Small drink and candy for 3.50! Score!

Crazy picture turned out perfectly! This captures how it must have looked to Mark! All the fun lights and the walk to the theater as it gets darker....

Yep, this face says it all. Engrossed the entire time! ps--the popcorn was almost gone by the time the movie started. (also just like his Daddy. :)

Success! The kids loved the movie (as did the adults!) Mommy got to watch it with Melissa and great friend, Amberly!!

**The Lorax was a great movie. Not sure if Mark really got the entire point of the movie. But definitely worth watching and it’s for all ages (My niece Abby–7th grader–came with us and also enjoyed it!)


  1. Ahhh, the Cheri. I went on more than a few dates there! Glad you enjoyed the Lorax, we’ve been contemplating taking Eli. He LOVES the book! Mark is getting so big!

  2. So cute – do you think Walker would like it? The only movie he has been to is Cars. He made it till the last 30 min or so:).

  3. Shelby Boyd says:

    Five! What a great age. You start to have life-long memories. And I’m sure Mark will remember the movies! I’m a “movie-popcorn person” too.

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