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Would you answer the door?

Life has been busy and besides Birthday posts, I have been absent on this blog. But something happened a few weekends ago and I feel compelled to share.

In our house in Shelbyville, its almost our unwritten policy that we do not answer a knock at the door, unless its someone we know. Even if the TV is blaring, kids are screaming, if I don’t know you, I won’t answer. (probably solicitation anyways right?)

Well, this past weekend we are in Murray visiting my folks and a man knocks on the door. Being that my first instinct was to ignore the knock, I hesitated, but then I told Mom, it was her house, maybe she was expecting someone. Mom answers it, the man is picnicking across the street and asked for some water for his dogs (and he hands mom a plastic bowl). (*My parents live across the street from the public park.) Mom tells him its fine to use the hose on the side of the house and to get as much as he needs.

But then Dad gets wind of the man and goes outside to talk to him. Come to find out the man and his wife are HOMELESS! They are living out of their car. They have these dogs they just love¬† and can’t seem to part with. Dad goes back inside, packs up a bunch of our food, dog treats, etc. He takes it back out to the guy, as well as tells him where to find their local priest, who can help direct him to get some additional help.

My Dad, my hero.

When I heard what Dad had done I was shocked and ashamed….I wasn’t even going to answer the door.

Then walks in my sister and she hears of the guy and what Dad had done, she says, ‘Well, did you tell him about the church that gives free meals everyday from 11-1?’¬† We look out the window to see if the people are still there, they are not, or you know that Dad and/or my sister would have walked right over there to tell them where they can get free meals.

Again, my family floors me. They step up to the plate, they helped this stranger without question. I wasn’t even going to answer the door. I feel like I have failed a test. That man was Jesus. I feel like there are times in our lives when we are tested and I failed that test. I just hope the next time I am tested….I pass with flying colors.

**I do feel like my untrusting feelings of strangers comes from my college dorm room intruder and a few other strangers attempting to get in our apartment after college. Those incidents (plus too much Law and Order/CSIs) make me have this untrusting feeling towards some people.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a friendly person in some situations. But at my home, near my kids, you can bet that I am a fierce Mama Bear that will do anything to protect my cubs. So how do I find that fine line of trusting your instinct to protect your family? and know when to open yourself up to strangers who need the help?

I guess I will have to put all my faith in the Lord that I will know what to do in each situation.

Ideas? Suggestions? Has this happened to you?


  1. So cool how God uses us when we step out of our omfort zone! I think your situation is a little different if you are at home alone with the kiddos…plus you live on a street that gets some random walking traffic. I don’t think you should feel bad, but it’s pretty cool that your dad was able to help in that way:).

  2. Great post! I so can relate! I’d like to think that I would trust God, but it’s hard to put aside our wordly experience…. I often am faced with a conflict when I see a person at the corner of an intersection with a sign. If I happen to have some cash (which isn’t often lol!), I’m always like, do I give it to them or not?? The end result, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t…. We just really have to listen to that inner voice. Your family is pretty cool :)

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